Shri Jagruteshwar

Sadhe Saat Swayambhu Shivalingas

Swayambhu Shri Jagruteshwar 7 ½ Shivling

Shri Paachpavleshwar Shri Jagruteshwar temple is situated in Jagnath Budhwari, Golibar, Bharatmata Chowk in Nagpur. It is the oldest temple of Nagpur and is the Grama Devatha (Village Diety or Guardian Diety).

450 years ago, Shri Sant Jagoba maharaj Bhagwan used to do the meditation and prayer in Shri Paachpavleshwar Shankar temple along with visitng the Shri Kaashi Vishwanath temple on the eve of Mahashivratri. Without having the darshan, he would not take food and water. In those days, for taking these darshans one had to travel through dense Naagphani forests where the Naago tribes would reside.

As he grew old, Shri Sant Jaagoba Maharaj would not be able to travel and had darshan due to which he would not be taking food and water for 4 days at a stretch. Due to which, God appeared in his dreams and said, that "You dont have to come to me for darshan, instead I shall come to you". As Shri Jagoba maharaj surprised having seen God in his dreams, but he followed the directions of excavating the dense forest place with the help of Gawli samaj labourers. Legend says that, while doing the excavation blood oozed out after axe hitting something. So, he carefully got the digging done at that place, where exactly the Swayambhu Shivling was discovered.

Over the period of sometime, one by one all the 7 ½ Swayambhu Shivlings came out of the earth. Nowhere in the North India, we can see the 1/2 shivlinga except at Jagruteshwar temple.

At the time of Gond Maharaj, this temple got revived. The records say that Sardar of Gond kingdom,  Sardar Nagoji Negi made the boundary wall in 1731.